Gain financial control and keep your data private.

Unlike other personal finance apps, Monse never sells or shares your data with third-party companies.

Try for free and gain control of your finances.

Connect all your banks with Monse

Connect all your accounts.

Get a full view so you know where to save. Track spending, detect fraud, and keep tabs on subscription costs.

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Get useful insights.

We work with more than 2,300 banks so you can see your complete financial picture in Monse.

Beautiful insights with Monse
Bank account summaries with Monse

Summaries of all your transactions.

At a glance, see how you spend your money, if you have received any income and how your investments are doing. All in one daily, weekly or monthly email.

by default.


We do not ask for or store your bank login information.


We use your bank's API so we can't do anything without your authorization.
We cannot make transactions, nor change any data. Just read.


We don't share or sell data to third-parties.
We only make money from our paying users.

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Gain control of my finances Try for free and gain control of your finances.