Bank Connection: improvement and fixes

April 24, 2023

Bank Connection: improvement and fixes

We know that many times, the process of connecting with your bank is not as smooth as it should be. Most of the time it's not our fault, but we keep working to make it safer and better.

We have fixed many of the bugs that you have reported to us in recent weeks.

  • No more reconnections every week. Now the connections with the banks are more secure and longer lasting. Some banks like ING or BBVA were asking you to reconnect your account every week, this should be fixed.
  • Connections without accounts: sometimes, when the connection process is finished, the bank does not give us access to any account, this is because during the connection process you did not mark any account. Before you didn't even know about it and thought it was just not working, now we will let you know so you can reset the connection correctly.

Seguimos trabajando y mejorando la estabilidad. Si encuentras algún problema con tu cuenta, o al crear la conección, escríbenos a

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