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  1. Linked or manual accounts?
  2. Account types

1. Linked or manual accounts?

These are the two main types of account that you can create in monse. Both have their pros and cons. Depending on the specific use case you may be more interested in creating one or the other.

Linked accounts are perfect if you daily use it. Accounts in which we receive our salary, make payments, collections, etc. In this case the automatic transfer import will help you to know how much money you earn, how much you spend and how you spend it.

Unlinked accounts, on the other hand, are perfect for savings accounts, indexed funds and other types of accounts where there are no daily changes.

Features per account type

Each account have his pros and cons, choose the one that better fits what you want.

Linked Manual
Automatic transaction import ✅
Monthly evolution graph ✅ ✅
Categorize transactions ✅
Top expenses ✅
Available internationally ✅ ✅

2. Account types

Each account has a subtype and depending on this the account and transaction behaviour will be different:

Normal account

This is the default account type. It has nothing special. Just use this if you have doubts.

Saving account

This type is intended for accounts that do not make payments or receive external income. All transfers from these accounts will be automatically marked as a transaction between accounts and therefore will not be taken into account when accounting for income or expenses.

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