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With our new file importer you can add transactions and import balances automatically to all your manual and connected accounts.

Table of content

  1. Import transactions
  2. Import balances

Import Transactions

Inside the transaction page you will find, at the top, and import button to open the transactions importer.

It's super simple. You have to choose your account and file to import. It could be a .csv', .xls` or '.xlsx'. In the next step you have to choose what data is under each column. You will see a preview of the transactions that you are going to create bellow.

If everything is as expected. Just press the import button an start the process.


1. Will the transactions be duplicated?

The importer will try to find another transaction with the same concept, booked at date and amount. If that transaction exist I would not be created.

You can import the same file again and again and your transactions will not be duplicated. You don't have to check if your file has a transactions previously imported or not.

2. It's possible to delete an imported transaction?

Yes, just like any other transaction, you can delete it without any issue by accessing the options menu.

Import Balances

To import the balance history of your account, you will need to navigate to 'Settings > Bank accounts'. Once there, you can click on the 'Balance' button and simply update the current balance or import a file.

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